March 2010

“Earliest Ending of Winter” 


Addie Langford

Abigail Murray

Amanda Thatch

Rebecca Tufts


Exhibition Dates

March 13 through April 10, 2010


Opening Reception

March 13, 6-9pm

Closing Reception

April 10, 6-9pm

The installation demonstrates a wide range of reactions to nature and to natural processes interpreted through artistic practice.  Intrinsic in each artist’s work is the transformation that occurs when materials are layered or accumulated methodically according to an individual sensibility.  Through highly personal modes of construction and mark-making, the artists achieve works that reflect on the “natural” when it relates to personal inclination, memory and environment.

Abigail Murray, "Yard Sale, 2010" (porcelain, insulation foam)


Addie Langford, "Castor and Pollux, 2010" (porcelain and mixed media)


Addie Langford, "Aisthesis/You Sweet...You, 2010" (porcelain and mixed media)


Rebecca Tufts, "Slice 33, 2010" (porcelain, glass, copper)

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