Sept 2009


"John Baldessari" dry painting on canvas by Missy Wiggins

Frida Kahlo - 1935

"Kahlo 1948" photograph by Clara Beckmann

Almost Famous: A Shortlist

Art Exhibition Curated by Jef Bourgeau (MONA)

Exhibition:   September 19 – October 31, 2009

Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 19, 6pm-10pm

Closing Reception:   Saturday, October 31, 1pm-4pm

Detroit Industrial Projects will be exhibiting art nominated for last year’s Kresge Prize from September 19th through October 31st.  Acting as curator, Jef Bourgeau, director of the Museum of New Art, has chosen six shortlisted artists:  Thomas Poe, Missy Wiggins, Stig Eklund, Shen-ba Wong, Hanne Bloot, Clara Beckmann and Emerick Sousa. In Michigan there are many who argue that competitive art contests are the best way to attract widespread interest in the state’s overall art scene. Although Bourgeau holds a different view that the whole idea of a race and a winner is demeaning to art, he still wanted to curate this exhibition stating, “Detroit’s art and artists have been kept secret and hidden too long. I see Almost Famous as giving the shortlist some small acclamation for their commitment to Detroit and their laudable contributions to its culture.  And for the general public, such a notable award should be more than a mere announcement. It should allow us all the occasion to see some of the best art to be honored in Detroit.”

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