Nov 2007

Detroit Industrial Projects presents Crisis 

An art installation curated by Beili Liu, Jennifer Locke, and Amy Sacksteder, assistant professors of Art at Eastern Michigan University. 

The artists include Kendall Babl, Colin Blakely, Beili Liu, Jennifer Locke, Ryan Molloy, Brian Nelson, Michael Reedy, and Amy Sacksteder. 

Exhibition November 2, – December 1, 2007 

Receptions Fri.   November 2nd    6-9pm

                   Sat.  November 3rd    6-9pm

Crisis – an instant of change – unstable, unspeakable, inexplicable, nervous, fearful, or maybe hopeful.  It prompts one to action:  to destroy or create, to discover or disguise, to advance or retreat – to just not stay still.

Time is quickly and quietly eroding.  What is often elegant on the surface is really a facade.  That which is present will someday be absent.  A sense of melancholy invokes what it means to be grateful for a moment, to preserve the moment – if only for a time.


Jennifer Locke, Golden Window Display

(golden toy guns, golden frames, golden ribbon, golden table, DVD, TV)


Jennifer Locke


Brian Nelson, Revisiting McCarthy(ism) for Charlie,

Jim and Joseph

(welded and fabricated stainless steel, cast bronze)


 Brian Nelson, The Reasons I Forgot How to Breathe

(fabricated & welded stainless steel, pedestal)



Beili Liu, Tamed

(charred wood, florescent light) 


Beili Liu  


Michael Reedy, Super U

(mixed media on paper)


Michael Reedy, Cancer

(mixed media on paper)


Kendall Babl, Procession

(play sand, HO scale figures)


Colin Blakely, The Perpetual Threat of Violence

(pigmented inkjet prints)


 Colin Blakely



 Ryan Molloy & Mark Dickson, Veneerists of America

(digital video, TVs, furniture)


Amy Sacksteder, Ouroboros 1

(acrylic on raw canvas with silkscreened images sewn onto surface, t-shirts, painting)

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