September 2008

Detroit Industrial Projects presents

86.28 MILES

an art installation by

Jada Bowden, Alisa Henriquez, Jae Won Lee,

Jeanette Strezinski and Blake Williams

Reception – Saturday, September 13th, 6-10pm

Exhibition – September 13 – October 11, 2008


"re-Collection" by Jae Won Lee and Blake Williams

“re-Collection” by Jae Won Lee and Blake Williams

Living in Michigan, we are familiar with salt in our winter existence.  It is a material that melts snow and thaws the cold.  It is also used widely in ceramics chemistry.  With this floor pattern, we explore the intersection of memory, passage, time, and labor using multiples and repetition.  Shades of white create a threshold to an intimate domain referencing dormant frozen landscapes to faded memories to distant realities.


“Sideswipe” by Alisa Henriquez

Mixed Media with Found Objects

This work extends my investigations by reconstructing and re-imagining aspects of the built environment and classification/object identity systems.  By using forms of my own creation in combination with found objects, that are altered or regrouped according to a variety of strategies, I hope to reanimate the symbols and narrow classifications we live by and the accompanying, often unaesthetic solutions we find in the world.  As objects are altered and formed within the clearing that the metaphoric space of art provides, so is room for the new meanings created.  It is within this space that the poetic interventionist finds a voice by proposing alternatives to the ones we inherited.


“Links” by Jada Bowden

Dyed Fabric Installation

“Relocation Package” by Jeanette Strezinski

Found Machine Parts












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